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***SOLD OUT******SOLD OUT******SOLD OUT****

So this one has been in the works for a while… and everyone here at Gateway will tell you we have never been so keen for an event… until now. After months of organising with the Human Movement team, as well as the Venue, we are finally given the chance to bring to all of you beautiful people our very first (and certainly not our last) GATEWAY WAREHOUSE PARTY. 

What to expect?

• FUNKTION 1 SOUND SYSTEM (thx to the guys at Buzz Speaker)
• CONTROLLED LIGHT SHOW (again, thx Buzz ♥ ♥)


( Level 1 ) 


We know we really don’t have to tell you guys anything about who these lads are, but for those of you who have been under a rock for the last year or so, we’ll fill you. Blake & Eddie have been nonetheless killing it within AUS atm and have really set a bench mark for all aspiring house/techno producers within Sydney and beyond. With their Dancing Room EP announcing their immediate arrival onto the scene, Human Movement have gone one better from the EP of belters, more recently producing their Subcity EP (premiered by music giants THUMP), as well as their latest single ‘Right Thang’ , which features a beautiful combination of grooves that gave us an insight into how their sound is maturing and shaping a dominant future in the house/techno scene.

Subcity EP:

Over the last 12 months the lads have had the pleasure of throwing not one, not two, but 3 SOLD OUT HUMAN MOVEMENT PARTIES. Selling out venues such as Civic Underground, Midnight Shift and Beach Road, it just shows you the backing that these boys have picked up within their great acceleration to the top of the underground food chain. If any of you were lucky enough to go to one of these parties you’d well and truly know by now that the show that these boys put on is second to none, ensuring that Gateway’s Warehouse Party will not be one to miss. Whilst these parties have been in the works, the movement have also been blessed to be playing at some whopping festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Groovin’ the Moo, Soundscape & more… as well as recently returning to Midnight Shift to support the king - DJ Boring. 

Our pick of the bunch:

Catching Human Movement at our upcoming warehouse party on the 16th of June is certainly the right thang to do, and you’d be better off dead if you miss out on a tickie ;)

...along side the lads at Human Movement, we have selected a great range of Gateway’s very own to hop on the supporting sets.

Ben Adams & James Pepper & Max Maunsell • [ 3 HOURS ]

After all of these three recently tearing up the underground of Civic for our SubRoom phenomenas, Ben, James & Max have decided to join forces for this one and together bring you a 3 HOUR set of absolute bliss to lead into the Movement’s attack. Ben Adams & Max Maunsell have been recently playing a handful of shows together under some of Sydney’s biggest house techno entities, currently playing many a show as the residents of Sessions to sold out gigs again in the underground. Along side these two see’s James Pepper join them who has recently seen the backings of some of Sydney’s biggest techno artists as well as having a huge write up from the boys at Stoney Roads. If any of you were there to watch these 3 tear it up in support of Monika Ross at a sold out Civic Underground, you’d know that the combination between the three of these boys along side Human Movement will be something you MUST NOT miss out on. 

Ben Adams:

James Pepper:

Max Maunsell:

In case this wasn’t enough… our Warehouse has a 2nd story of dancing to visit throughout the night. 

( Level 2 )